Latvia Association for Gestalt Therapy
(Latvijas Geštalta Terapijas Asociācija)
Skolas 21-201A , Rīga, Latvija, LV-1010
Tel. - (+371) 6765011
GSM. - (+371) 29274545
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Nr. 40008067932
Bank: A/s “SWEDBANK”
Konts: LV72HABA0551002735576


Latvian Association for Gestalt Therapy


LGTA joins practicing gestalt therapists and specialists mastering in gestalt therapy. On the moment of LGTA foundation we had more than 40 members, which were joined by common values and professional interest.











LGTA main goals and tsks:

  • To create and support a common space for professional collegiate cooperation in Gestalt Therapy area. As well as to help our collegues to intigrate into the social and professional environment.

  • To promote the professional development  of Gestalt Therapy in Latvia.

  • To popularize Gestalt Therapy in professional psychotherapeutic environment as a very effective direction of work with personal and interpersonal problems decisions as well as in questions of personal fulfillment.

  • To support the high professional level of education of Gestalt Therapists in Latvia. 

  • To arrange and support right procedures of certification of Gestalt herapists in Latvia and European Union. 

  • To support the process of creative and scientific development of Gestalt Therapy.